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  • Peter Higgins

    FortyOneTwenty have raised the bar in reality television with a professionalism and skill set that is as unique as they are. Their combination of imagination, innovation and technical precision makes them a must hire in my opinion. Who they are as professionals will draw you to them but who they are as people will keep you coming back for more!

    Peter Higgins Supervising Producer - NBC/Ready For Love
  • Jason Ehrlich

    The FortyOneTwenty crew are the Navy Seals of the film world. A small elite team that always gets the job done right. Way more than just a camera crew... a nimble unit that creates artistic, beautiful images and tells compelling stories. I will be calling them again and again.

    Jason Ehrlich Executive Producer - NBCUniversal
  • Frans van der Lee

    FortyOneTwenty knows food and how to work with top chefs and restaurants - they made our vision for the ChefsRoll.com promo video come to life and exceeded all expectations. Three michelin stars for FortyOneTwenty!

    Frans van der Lee Cofounder, ChefsRoll.com
  • Jek'ob Washington

    We’ve worked with a good handful of video crews in our time, and that’s exactly what most were, JUST video crews. The big difference with 4120 is that they have the whole package. I look at them more like artists, who just happen to use video equipment

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